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​Traveling Architect Naoyuki Yoshikawa

Flying around the world with Japan as the axis
Turning various “likes” into work centering on architects
I live my life enjoying myself in various ways

By a lake in the thick forest of Denmark

Co-working space that pleases the soulcan stay with

fantastic like a church

Build a MeditationSpace

overlooking thingspower to discern the truth

A way of life that makes you shine

a life that pleases the soul

The Work-Code of this co-working space is

Do a vocation that pleases your soul

If you like to sing, sing here
​If you like to dance, dance


here in denmark

know what you really want

Please make it happen!


at Works_SHOPDenmark "mu"was uploaded.

​”Traveling Architect Naoyuki Yoshikawa” YouTube Channel

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​”Traveling Architect Naoyuki Yoshikawa” magazine serialization

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